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Advert: Plots of Land at D'Genesis Court for Sale

D'Genesis Court is an amazing garden located in a serene environment of the new economic centre of Lagos. 7 minutes drive from the New International Airport.

LOCATION: Ajegbemwa, Elerangbe off Lekki Epe Express way, Ibeju Lekki Lagos.

*Lekki Free Trade Zone.
*Cargo Port Construction.
*Dangote Refinery. *Lekki Seaport.
*Power Oil.
*La Campaign Tropicana Beach Resort.

Kenya is Using Blockchain Technology to Settle Real Estate Records & Sales

In many countries around the world proving ownership of land through title is a complicated business that lends itself to corruption but in Kenya, a team has been assembled to use blockchain technology to put an end to land grabbing.
Kenya Plans to Legitimize Land Ownership with Blockchain
Sometimes referred to as the ‘Silicon Savannah’ Kenya is considered to be a technological giant on the continent of Africa. Still, something that should be as straightforward as processing a land ownership title can be fraught with problems due to corruption throughout the bureaucracy.

Competitor Analysis: Real Estate Asset & Other Asset Tokenisation

The investment industry is being disrupted by the emergence of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (‘DLT’), which is paving the way for a more efficient and transparent market without the need for middlemen. Assets previously characterised as illiquid, i.e. real estate, are now becoming freely tradable. Transactions can be settled almost instantly and without counterparty risk. Investors will soon be able to freely invest in real estate from anywhere in the world, no matter how big or small the investment, within minutes instead of months.

On Sales: 4Bedroom Duplex

4Bedroom Duplex all room en-suite with 2 unit of 3bedroom flat and a Mini Flat on 700sqm of land, Facing tared road. 1minute drive to Lekki-Epe Express way.

LOCATION: Ologunfe bus stop, Awoyaya Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

Another Property Token Becoming Reality: to be tokenized by June 2018

ABOUT BLOCKSQUARE. Similar to how Stripe or PayPal provide tools for e-commerce sites to securely and promptly process online payments, Blocksquare is building a blockchain-based plug & play set of protocols, APIs, and tools to process commercial real estate property tokenization so established real estate businesses can integrate it and offer tokenized commercial real estate

9 Things To Keep In Mind About Blockchain In Real Estate

Blockchain is the next frontier of the real estate market, making inroads at a fast clip. The use of the technology will make it possible to have transparent transactions that sellers and buyers will benefit from. From real-time ledgers to full-on shared databases and processes, blockchain throws the doors wide open with possibilities in real estate. However, does it come at a cost? Some agents think it might, while others are embracing it with abandon. Yet, there is much to learn and consider before adopting blockchain into your business processes. Nine members of Forbes Real Estate Council share the thing that everyone in their profession needs to know in order to safely and efficiently begin adopting blockchain or

Brickblock is Offering the World’s First Tokenized Building

In the coming weeks, we will make blockchain history by listing the world’s first tokenized real estate asset on our smart contract platform — and you’re invited to take part.
Don’t worry, the heavy lifting is all on our end. All you need is a MetaMask(Ethereum) address and internet connection. Investors will additionally receive 100% of their investment in Brickblock tokens (BBK). Example: if you invest 1000 euros in the building, you will receive 1000 euros worth of BBK (at a value of $0.60 USD per token) in addition to 1000 euros worth of Proof-of-Asset (PoA) tokens. Bonus BBK will be distributed over a two-year period. Sold? Great, you can take the first step by

We’re Partnering with Blocks to Increase the Scope of Tokenized Real Estate Assets

As we move closer to selling the world’s first tokenized real estate asset (end of Q1 2018), we’re also exploring strategic partnerships to expand our portfolio.
Blocks Investments, based in Prague, Czech Republic, is a company that recently landed on our radar in this respect. Blocks owns a robust portfolio of real estate developments in the Czech capital and is exploring ways to integrate blockchain technology into its business.